Swatches of the Morphe Brushes 35W Palette

Happy Friday everyone!!!

So I’ve gotten a lot of requests to post some swatches of the Morphes Brushes 35W Palette so here they are!

I did not put on a primer so you might not be super impressed with the swatches, but trust me, use some primer before putting these shadows on your eyes and you’ll love them! They’re also very build-able as well! And keep in mind that I don’t have the best lighting either.

Remember I have olive skin as well so if you’re more fair, some of the colors that don’t show up well on me will show up great on you and vice versa.

I’d say that the first row and some of the other matte shades are chalky. But as you go down the palette, I feel like the shadows become creamier, especially the intense shimmer/metallic shades which are gorgeous! They’re so creamy, when you touch them, you leave a bit of an imprint in them!

So overall, I definitely still recommend this palette. This palette has 35 shadows for $19 which is great for the price!

I placed the picture of the actual palette with the swatches underneath that go in the same order.



Thank you for reading!

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  1. That gold in the second row looks amazing, wow. Overall there are probably too many pinks for me, but it’s great how reasonable the price is!

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