Rimmel London Provocalips Review!

Rimmel London Provocalips 16 Hr Kissproof Lip Colour

Happy Friday Everyone!!!

I’m so sorry for missing last Friday, I was moving that day and was too overwhelmed and exhausted to attempt to post. But I’m back! And instead of talking about eye shadows or doing an eye makeup tutorial, I want to review and discuss my FAVORITE product of January 2015:

Rimmel London Provocalips 16 Hr Kissproof Lip Colour!


So I have dry skin, but even drier lips. It’s awful. I used to always think I could never wear lipstick because of how bad it would settle in my lines.

However, this Fall after I watched so many YouTube videos of girls wearing gorgeous Fall colored lipsticks, I said screw it, I’m going to try! Lip gloss just wears off so fast on me (especially with my dry lips) and I haven’t found one that I absolutely love.

Although I have been trying lipstick, I am still not sure how great lipstick looks on me. I think I’m going to try to focus my efforts on discovering an amazing lip balm to apply over night or throughout the day that will give me the moisture I need, so if you guys have any suggestions PLEASE let me know! I also need to drink wayyyy more water which is a major struggle for me. But these Rimmel lip colors are perfect for me because I’d describe them as liquid lipsticks!

What are these?

pic of lipstick

  • They are a “kiss proof, transfer proof, food proof high impact endless colour”.
  • Step 1: Apply the color on your lips. Keep them apart to let the color set for about a minute or so.
  • Step 2: Apply the “Lock & Shine” to lock in the color; it’s basically a top coat for your lips!
  • They are $6.69 at Ulta (but my Ulta has them on sale as buy one get one free!).

Why do I love them so much?

  • This formula is specifically perfect for dry lips since it goes on like a liquid lipstick! I love this because when I smile and talk throughout the day, the color doesn’t settle into the lines of my lips, making me look like a crazy person. So far, this is the only lip product I have found that doesn’t settle in my lines after 20 minutes of wearing it.
  • You don’t have to touch it up! This is another huge reason why I love this product. When I’m working, I don’t have time to run to the bathroom and touch up my lipstick every hour. I usually have to wipe off all of my lipstick completely and re-apply it because of how bad it settles into my lines. But with this liquid lipstick, I literally touched it up once today (after 6 hours) and all I did was put on another coat of the clear “Lock & Shine” and I was good!
  • They really are kiss, food and transfer proof!
  • The colors are beautiful and buildable!
  • It is not sticky! (just a little bit though, since it is still in a gloss form)

The shades I have are: “Make Your Move”, “I’ll Call You”, and “Play with Fire” (I also have “Kiss Fatal” but I forgot to swatch it, sorry :/ )


I’m telling you guys, these are amazing! Comment below if you’ve tried them already and let me know what you think! Also, if you have any suggestions for amazingly moisturizing lip balms that will help my dry lips, comment with those as well!

My post next Friday will be on an amazing high end palette I just recently purchased so keep an eye out for that!

Thank you for chatting with Jack and I’ll see you next week!



  1. My lips are as dry as the Sahara! I use some vaseline and a damp towel to scrub my lips gently. Then I put on a good amount of Burt Bees Wax. I like the texture and it’s soft. Since a day of two I am trying coconut oil on my lips before going to bed. Don’t know yet. But hopefully it’s a miracle oil for lips too 😉

  2. I *just* posted about my favourite balm! It’s the C.O. Bigelow Supreme 2X Lip Shine – I swear by this stuff especial at bed time. You can buy it from Bath & Body Works. I haven’t tried the Rimmel Provocalips – do they have any smell or taste?

    1. Oh wow, yes I’ll definitely try that, thank you for the suggestion! And they smell a little bit when you put it on but honestly I don’t notice it once I put the lock and shine on top. Same with the taste! Without the lock and shine, it tastes like a lip gloss but once you put the top coat on and it sets, it doesn’t taste like anything!

  3. Great post. I heard those are really great for not transferring! When I had severely dry lips, I used Aquaphor. It works wonders. Will restore your lips back to normal. It was in my January Empties post. That’s how much I love it during this time of year. Good luck!

  4. Nivea do a lip balm/gloss its brilliant i have found the same thing with lipstick so just dont tend to wear it, its called glamorous gloss. I did buy it a while back so hopefully you can still buy it. Good luck with finding some others 😊

    1. Yes! I’m definitely adding this to my list along with the others everyone suggested. I’m so excited you guys actually have suggestions! I’m not alone! Thank you for the suggestion and feedback!

      1. Its such a pain, i always think that my makeup never looks finished without something on my lips, i tend to settle for a little vaseline but now i will have a look at the ones youv’e tried too

  5. Definitely going to try this! I’ve been looking for a new lip colour that stays on! I hate having to touch up all the time. Thnx for the review 😀

  6. I do have a suggestion: Get Vaseline in a tube. Classic solutions are sometimes the best, and Vaseline will keep your lips healthy, and now comes in small tubes and mini jars. Apply the Vaseline in small amounts whenever your lips are dry.

    Then, directly before putting on lipstick, put the vaseline on and put a light layer of powder on top of the vaseline, to create a smooth, matte finish when you put the lipstick over it.

    Also, LUSH has very thick, creamy lipsticks that you basically paint on. You should look into them and try some.

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