Review and Tutorial of Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette!

Hey everyone!

I’m back this week with an eye tutorial using the “Too Faced Chocolate Bar”!

First, let me tell you how I got this palette since I’ve had it for about two weeks now.

About two weeks ago, I heard through the instagrams of Too Faced and the other beauty bloggers I follow that there was this crazy special happening on Home Show Network. They were selling the Too Faced “Better than Chocolate” natural beauty essentials set for $49, which is the cost of the palette alone!

toofacedbetterthan chocolate

The set includes:

  • Too Faced Chocolate Bar
  • Too Faced “Better than Sex” Mascara
  • Too Faced “La Crème Lip Cream” in “Nude Beach”
  • Too Faced “Shadow Insurance Eye Shadow Primer”
  • (it also comes with the “Cocoa Powder Foundation one-use sample” and comes with a guide book that shows you how to do three different eye looks using the shadows)

If you were to buy this all separately, it would cost $103.71!

The eye shadow’s are amazing, pigmented, huge and smell like chocolate. I LOVE this palette, I’ve been using it every day. The lipstick is SO creamy; I’ve never felt a lipstick that creamy. The color is quite nude and it needs to be built up, but it is beautiful! I definitely want to try other shades. I’ve loved the eye shadow primer for years and this stuff is $20 on its own, however, it is smaller than the full size version so just be aware of that! I haven’t used the mascara yet because I’m trying to go through a few opened ones at the moment but I’ve only heard good reviews about it and cannot wait to try it.

The good news is that I just discovered that HSN is still selling the set for only $59 with free shipping which is still a really good deal, so if you’re interested, you can click here which will take you to the website!

Ok, on to the tutorial!

For this look, I knew I wanted to use “Cherry Cordial” because since I’ve received the palette, I’ve had to stick to the neutral shades for work. I didn’t want to have a bright maroon look on my eyes this day, so I really blended it with some browns and it ended up creating this really pretty plum color. I absolutely loved how it turned out! This look is all about building and blending! I think I will be doing another tutorial in the near future where “Cherry Cordial” is the star and is bright and opaque. It’s good to show case how the same shadow can give you so many different looks. It makes buying expensive palette’s so much more worth it.

choc bar palette
Use this picture as a reference for the info given below!

Products I used to create this look-


  1. Eye Primer- Too Faced “Shadow Insurance Eye Shadow Primer”
  2. Outside half of Lid/Crease- I focused “Milk Chocolate” just on the outside half of my lid while blending it into the crease. I stopped placing the product on the lid right in the middle because I’m placing a different color on in the inside part of the lid.
  3. Outer V- I focused “Semi-Sweet” right in the crease and brought it down on the edge of the outside half of my lid. Make sure to blend this shadow into “Milk Chocolate” to make sure there are no harsh lines. This step helps create definition in the eye.
  4. Outside half of lid- On top of “Milk Chocolate”, I lightly placed “Cherry Cordial” on the outside half of the lid. Blend this shade lightly into the crease, but not too much.
  5. Outer V- Again, I placed “Semi-Sweet” in the crease and down the outside half of my lid which helped deepen the maroon color even more.
  6. Inside of half of lid- I placed “Crème Brulee” on the inside half of the lid. I focused it mostly on the inside corner and gradually placed less product stopping at the middle of the lid. Then I blended “Crème Brulee” and “Milk Chocolate/Cherry Cordial” to finish the look!
  7. Bottom lash line- I took “Milk Chocolate”, “Semi-Sweet” and “Cherry Cordial” and brushed them over the bottom last line to make my eye look cohesive.
  8. Brow bone highlight- I used the shadow “White Chocolate” as the highlight underneath my brow bone.
  9. Eyeliner- I used the “N.Y.C Liquid Eyeliner” in 887A Black. Look at how matte it dries! I love it!
  10. Mascara- I actually tried mixing two mascaras this day. First, I applied the “L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Mascara” in Carbon Black 335 and applied a coat of the “Wet N’ Wild Mega Length” afterwards. Everyone raves about the L’Oreal Voluminous mascara so I wanted to give it a shot but I realized it doesn’t give me what I need, which is length. I love the Wet N’ Wild mascara because it gives me a lot more length so I’m trying to mix the two to see how that goes. So I applied both of these mascaras on the top and bottom lash line.
  11. Eyebrows- In case you’re interested, I use the NYX “Auto Eyebrow Pencil” in black.

And that’s how I got this look!

Leave your thoughts, comments, suggestions for future posts, etc down below!

I also want to announce that I now contribute my beauty posts to Social601 so make sure you check this site out! You’ll find posts about beauty, lifestyle, news, fashion, etc; it’s very versatile and would be a great site to follow!

Thanks for chatting with Jack! I post every Friday! (or try to!)

Thank you!


  1. Ahhhh! The Too Faced Chocolate Bar palate…it’s my next-in-line beauty purchase.
    Here is another tutorial for a “Daytime Smokey Eye” that I pinned on Pinterest:
    I have a hard time finding eyeshaddows that I feel look good on me with my blond hair and green eyes so once I get the Chocolate Bar palate I’m going to give this one a try.
    Great look that you featured here. The plum shade is very pretty.

  2. OMG i was so ready to buy this set but I had just purchased my Tarte today’s special value on QVC and I’m on a strict no-buy for February. Such a good deal! Rad eye look as well 🙂

  3. The eye makeup looks gorgeous. I love your eyeliner, sharp and jet black. But I think you should use less colors in the bottom lash line. I feel like you are tired and a little bit sleepy with red/pink/cherry shadow under your eyes. Beside from that, you just nailed it. This chocolate bar has so many awesome colors. Thanks for the post.

  4. I have both of these pallets they are amazing. Have ypu tried the Top faced cocoa powder foundation? It’s flawless I’m putting in my favorites post today 🙂

      1. I haven’t got my hands on the bronzer yet. Im really into the batr minerals California bronze trio it’s perfect. But can we talk about how satisfying it is to put makeup on that smells like chocolate!

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