The Liebster Award!


Hey everyone!

So I know that I said in my last post that i was going to post a tutorial using a new palette BUT I was nominated three times for two awards within these past two weeks and I want to make sure I accept them ASAP.

So I’m going to accept the “Liebster Award” this week and accept the “The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers” award next week.

I want to thank TwentySomethingGirl and beautybyisabeau for nominating me for this award! Please check out their blogs to read their acceptance of the Liebster Award! Since you both nominated me, I’ve combined your 11 questions answering a total of 22!

Here are the rules for the Liebster Award-

  • Link back to the person that nominated you
  • Answer the questions asked by the nominator
  • Nominate 11 other bloggers with less than 200 followers
  • Create 11 questions for your nominees
  • Notify all nominees on their blogs and/or social media

Let’s Go!

Which celebrity would you like to meet in person?

Kevin Hart!

How many lipsticks do you own?

Until recently I didn’t think I could wear lipstick because of my dry lips. But ever since I’ve had the lip balm from Lush, which has helped me tremendously, I’ve been buying lipsticks more and more. But I probably have around 15 at the moment.

What is your hair color?

Black, which is my natural color. I’ve never dyed it!

Do you have any tattoos or piercings?

I have my ears pierced; two in my left ear and three in my right!

How tall are you?


If you had 1000 euros/dollars/pounds what would you do with it?

Honestly, I’d probably put it in my savings account. I know that is the most boring answer ever but it’s the truth lol.

Did you ever go to a concert/festival?

Yeah I’ve seen Gym Class Hero’s, Gavin Degraw, and Macklemore in concert! Anddddddd I saw high school musical in concert when I was in high school. Don’t judge.

What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

Anything with caramel…

Which color nail polish are you wearing right now?

I’m wearing the Sally Hansen Diamond Strength nail polish in “Save the Date” which is this gorgeous plum color and I’m wearing one of OPI’s gold sparkly polishes on my ring fingers.

What is your favorite store to shop?


What inspires you?

Classical Music and Art!

What are the 5 things you couldn’t live without?

My phone, my loved ones, my Xbox, ice cream and my art supplies!

What makeup product is your favourite?

It’s a tie; Eye shadow and Highlighter!

What would be your dream job?

I want to be a Supreme Court Judge!

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Italy and Hawaii.

What’s your favourite style?

If this is referring to clothes, I’d say right now I’m really into high-low shirts with a scarf and dangly earrings.

You have unlimited funds. What would be the first thing you’d buy or do?

Buy the cutest fluffiest puppy in the world.

What are your top three favourite movies?

Ooh. This is basically impossible but….Transformers, Dark Knight, & The Avengers. Yeah, I’m a total nerd.

What saying would you say that you mostly live by?

“Everything happens for a Reason” I can be quite the pessimist so to make sure I don’t spiral out of control, this saying helps me try to make the best of whatever happens.

What made you smile today?

My boyfriend 🙂

Who’s your idol?

Olivia Pope lol

I’m nominating the folloing people for this award:

My questions for my nominees-

  1. What’s game/app are you addicted to playing right now?
  2. Favorite TV show?
  3. Who is your celebrity crush?
  4. Favorite accessory?
  5. Favorite nail polish color to wear?
  6. Which season do you look forward to the most in regards to clothes?
  7. Liquid, gel, or pencil; what is your favorite kind of eyeliner?
  8. Favorite Cosmetics Brand?
  9. What’s your dream job?
  10. If you could pick up and move anywhere, where would you go?
  11. What’s your favorite candy?

Thank you for reading! I hoped you learned a little more about me and will learn/follow my new nominees!

I’ll be back next week with another award acceptance blog BUT I’ll be back to making tutorials ASAP!

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