Wet n Wild “Comfort Zone” Palette Tutorial!

Hey Everyone!

I can’t believe it’s been two weeks since my last post! I’m so sorry about that! I went to Disney World with my family last Tuesday for a week! I spent the weekend before packing/getting ready and spent last weekend in Disney so I didn’t have time to post. I was too busy being Minnie Mouse! By the way, I bought another Sephora Cream Lip Stain in “Strawberry Kissed” and wore it to Magic Kingdom and it stayed put the entire hot and very humid day! I touched up the inside of my mouth after eating but these cream lip stains are currently my favorite lip product! If you want to read my initial review on this product, you can read that blog here!

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Anyway! I’m back with an eye tutorial this week and I have been OBSESSED with this eye look for weeks!

The palette I am using is the Wet n Wild “Comfort Zone” palette! You can find this at any drugstore really, but I bought mine from Wal-Mart for about $5. I primarily bought this palette for the four shades on the left side and for the top two on the right. I don’t wear a lot of dark greens and blues, which was why I was glad they only took up two of the eight shades.


When I went home and swatched these shadows, I was BLOWN AWAY by the bottom right color; the blueish-black color. Only, it looks blue/black in the pan/picture, but when you swatch it? It is one of the coolest metallic colors I’ve ever seen! I’m looking at the shade now and I’m going to try to give you all my best description. At first glance you see the metallic blue, but when you turn your hand you can see there is this reddish brown/purple undertone that lies underneath the metallic blue. So depending on where the light hits on your eye, the color can change. It’s absolutely stunning. I never wear blue eye shadow, ever! But I want to wear this shade forever. And these shadows are so buttery….just buy this palette, just do it.

Disclaimer- I know the title of this blog suggests that I’m using the whole palette, or most of it, in the tutorial but unfortunately I’m not. The shades are beautiful, don’t get me wrong, but they are all satin finishes, there are no matte shades in the palette. Since I’m dealing with the metallic color from the palette, I want to throw matte shades in the crease so don’t be mad! There are more tutorials to come with this palette so stay tuned!


Tutorial Time!

  • Eye Primer- Too Faced “Shadow Insurance Eye Shadow Primer”
  • Crease- Too Faced “Chocolate Bar” shadows in “Hazelnut” and “Milk Chocolate”- Since there is a brown undertone to the shadow, I wanted the shadow to blend flawlessly into the crease color, so I mixed both of those browns and placed them into the crease. I also brought these colors down onto the lower lash line.
  • Lid Color- I placed the metallic blue shadow from the Wet n Wild palette (bottom right color labeled “Definer”) all over the lid. I literally packed this color on because I love it so much. I brought a little bit of this shadow onto the lower last line as well.
  • Outer V- Too Faced “Chocolate Bar” shadow in “Triple Fudge”- I placed this color directly in the crease, providing my eyes with more definition. And then I blended all the shades in the crease to get that gradual effect from the blue to the brown and then to my skin!
  • Highlight- Too Faced “Chocolate Bar” shadow in “White Chocolate”- I used this shadow as my highlight shade on my brow bone.
  • Eyeliner- “N.Y.C Liquid Eyeliner” in 887A Black.
  • Mascara- Tarte’s “Lights, Camera, Lashes” 4-in-1 Mascara

I love this eye look because it looks way more professional and difficult than it really is! It looks like I spent so much time layering shadows to get this blue/brown/purple effect when all I really used was one shadow with a little brown in the crease! I think the next time few times I wear the blue, I’m going to try to layer the bright green and then the deep purple found in the palette underneath the blue just to see what happens. I hope it’s even more magical!

Thank you for reading and chatting with Jack! Leave your thoughts/comments below and let me know if you know of any other eye shadows with the say multi-color payoff! I love metallic eye shadows! (clearly)

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  1. I have this palate too! I really like it. Love all the Wet N Wild eye shadows but wish they were more durable. They break and crumble easily. Doesn’t stop me from buying them

  2. The eyeliner shade reminds me of M.A.C.’s shadow in Club. It has a red/brown base with green pearl. One of my favorite shadow colors!

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