NYX Prismatic Eye Shadows Review!


Hey Everyone!

This week I want to review a new product that I just bought last week; the NYX Prismatic Eye Shadows!

NYX Prismatic Shadows have a metallic finish and are claimed to “give eyes extra sparkle and dimension with a fully pigmented metallic texture” (according to the NYX website)

I bought mine from Ulta for $6 a piece in the shades in “Fireball” and “Liquid Gold”.

They have a gorgeous color selection I must say. I have a NYX eye shadow palette that I bought when I was first starting out that I did not like, so ever since then I swore off their eye shadows. But when I saw these metallic shadows in colors that are so me, I couldn’t help myself.

Packaging- The packaging is adorable. I mean there is a little silver bow where you would open and close the eye shadow so c’mon, it’s adorable.


Durability- I placed my little Ulta bag containing my few items in my purse and continued shopping for another 20 minutes at another store before leaving to go home. Somehow during that time, my pink shadow shattered and I’ve never had that happen before. However, the gold one is still intact so I’m not really sure what that means. Maybe I just got a faulty one?

Texture- The shadows are extremely soft, buttery and the swatches on my hand were very pigmented.


Color Payoff- When swatching the shadow on your hand, they are GORGEOUS. They are extremely pigmented! But unfortunately, I have to say that these shadows look better on the skin than they do on the eyes. I love metallic eyeshadows and when I want to wear them, I want them all over my lid and for them to be extremely pigmented/bright. But when I went to place the shadow on my lids, I noticed that I was continuously packing on the product while gaining little improvement in the payoff. Once you pack the shadow on the lid for the first time, that’s basically as bright as it is going to get.

Would I buy them again? For $6 a piece, I don’t think I would re-purchase these eye shadows. $6 is a lot for a single eye shadow that is quite small, especially if the shadow is susceptible to shattering easily. I think the colors are beautiful and I’m sure that if you wet the brush, the shadow will probably come out more pigmented (I haven’t tried it yet). But I can’t keep myself from thinking that I could buy three metallic Morphe Brushes shadows for the price of one NYX shadow or one amazing metallic (not the $10 foiled ones) Makeup Geek eyeshadow for the same price but bigger! Here is a breakdown of how much more product you get and how much money you can save with other “drug store” brand eyeshadows-

$6= NYX Prismatic= .043 oz/1.24 g

$2= Morphe Brushes= .05 oz/1.5 g

$6= Makeup Geek= .064 oz/ 1.8 g

My overall opinion is that these are good shadows, but they’re just not enough to get me to buy more of them. If you can get your hands on them during one of Ulta’s sales on NYX (buy one, get one half off) that would be ideal because they really are decent buttery metallic eye shadows. But personally, I just think it comes down to the fact that I’d rather save my money and purchase shadows from Makeup Geek or Morphe instead of re-purchasing these NYX ones. I don’t really want to have to wet my brush to make the shadow pop, but this is all just my opinion!

Thank you for reading and chatting with Jack! Leave your thoughts/comments below.

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  1. Great review. Can you recommend a good eye shadow primer? I got a MicaBeauty one in an Ipsy bag, but it irritates my eyes. It works great, and makes the shadow look amazing. I don’t want to spend a lot. Thanks!

  2. The packaging on this is ADORABLE! NYX needs to change all of their single eye shadows to include bows, stat!
    Too bad this didn’t live up to your expectations. Sometimes eye shadows just shatter for no reason, they have have just not been packed properly. Is there a possibility of getting an exchange?
    I find sometimes with metallic shadows, it helps to apply with your finger in a patting motion to get the most colour pay off. Also maybe try using a damp brush to foil them. Thanks for sharing these, I hadn’t heard about them before.

  3. I bought a few of these too. One of mine completely shattered and spilled everywhere when I opened it (so that was $6.00 lost). I haven’t had the chance to try them out on my eyes yet, but I definitely thing using a wet brush would make the pigmentation pop more on the eyes. Nice review!

    1. Oh good so it wasn’t just me. Yeah it kind of ruins the excitement when the shadow shatters before you can use it! Lol. Thanks for the feedback!

  4. These look incredible! I agree about not wanting to fuss with wetting a shadow, when you can get one that already packs that punch for you. Great review!

  5. those silver bows indeed are cute and the pigmentation seems to be quite nice, too! since you said on the eye it is not as nice i would have liked to see a pic of that, too just to compare…

  6. Beautiful colors, but yeah – if they didn’t seem worth it to you (and $6 is a lot for one small shadow), then I don’t think I’ll try them. So many others to choose from!

    And for your commenter up above who was asking about a good eyeshadow primer? I use Stay Don’t Stray by Benefit. I’ve tried others but I just love the Benefit one – it goes on easily and you don’t use much at all, and it really keeps the shadow where you want it.

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