Makeup Geek Eye Shadows Review!

Hey Everyone!

So I FINALLY bought a few Makeup Geek eye shadows, I know right, I’m a bit late to the party.

I needed to buy my first z palette first and honestly, I was too lazy to spend $18 on one so that took me forever to do lol.

But after I received my Z palette, I immediately bought some Morphe and MUG single eye shadows.

I bought the Morphe shadows first, but I’m going to wait to write about them for a little while. I need to test those shadows out a bit more before I give my opinion.

However, I’ve only had my MUG eye shadows for two weeks now and I’ve already fallen in love with them. There was no need to wait to tell the world about these, so here I go!

MUG eye shadows are $6 and there are SO many shadows to choose from. Naturally, I decided to choose from the metallic/satin finish eye shadow options and ended up purchasing four shadows!

  1. “Mermaid”- MUG’s website describes this shade as a “metallic teal with reflects gold”. When I bought this, I wanted a metallic color that I didn’t have and that would be unique. I’m planning on doing a tutorial with this shadow and I cannot WAIT to use it. Unlike the other shadows, this one is a bit more difficult to pull off during work lol. But this shadow is extremely pigmented and so buttery, it’s amazing.
  2. “Cosmopolitan”- This was described as a “rose gold with gold flecks and a shimmery finish”. This is my favorite shadow, it is BEAUTIFUL, extremely pigmented and super buttery. I could not stop looking at my eye makeup when I wore this. For my first time using it, I didn’t use eyeliner and just wore mascara, and the shadow just makes your eyes look so alive and awake. I love it….so much.
  3. “Goddess”- This was described as a “metallic pale copper”. This description had two of my favorite makeup related words: metallic and copper. I love warm shades and this is such a beautiful shade of copper that I don’t have in my collection. It basically had my name written all over it. My goal in life is to look like a bronze goddess on a daily basis and this helps me achieve my goal, so five stars for this one!
  4. “Mango Tango”- This was described as a “peachy pink with flecks of gold” and it is beautiful. I do admit, it isn’t as buttery and pigmented as the other three shadows I purchased, but it is still very beautiful and the perfect summer shade for me!

Overall, I love these shadows and I’m definitely going to be buying more. I do believe they’re worth the money, I know they’re a little more expensive than other shadows. But just by swatching them, you can tell they are good quality shadows. They’re so smooth and extremely pigmented, every swatch I took in my picture was with one swipe except for Mango Tango (that was two swipes).

The best part? Shipping was only $2 for me (in the US)! Sadly I was probably most excited about that, because I hate paying for shipping with a passion.

Thank you for reading and for chatting with Jack! Leave your thoughts/comments below!

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  1. These look absolutely gorgeous – I’ve always wanted to try the MUG range of shadows, read such great reviews about them! Beautiful shade choices too 🙂 Karen x

  2. Makeup geek is life. Marlena really cares about the quality and price of her products so I am in love with the business practices as well. I always get a little hand written note every time I order 🙂

  3. Hey Lady!
    I nominated you to participate in the Blogger Awards which helps beauty bloggers connect. Check out my current post for instructions on how to keep it going.

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