ColourPop Review!


Hey everyone!

This week, I’m bringing you a review of the ColourPop eye shadows I recently purchased!

I’ve heard so many great things about these shadows for the past six months and have been itching to try them but haven’t until now. I think the thing that finally pushed me to buy them last week was the $5 off coupon code I received from YouTuber Kathleen Lights. A $5 off coupon means free shipping so that made me very happy!

I knew going into this that I only wanted to purchase metallic/shimmery shades so that is what I got. If you don’t care about those and are only into the matte shades, then this review isn’t for you. I honestly never reach for cream shadows, so getting a matte shade doesn’t really interest me right now. If I’m going to buy cream shadows, I’m going to get crazy metallic shades that I don’t already own or have never seen before so that’s what I did!

The three shadows I bought were Shark Attack, Game Face and Drift!

CP 5

Shark Attack is beautiful and is probably my favorite. It’s described as a “mid-tone warm coral with gold duo chrome in a pearlized finish.” As I said in my last blog about the Makeup Geek eye shadow in Cosmopolitan, I love wearing these bright shadows with a more natural face (without eye liner) because the color really makes my eyes pop and look awake, no eyeliner needed!

Game Face is the most beautiful copper shade EVER! It’s described as an “intense penny copper with a liquid like ultra-metallic finish.” I’m all about that bronze so I’m loving this shade so much.

I wanted drift because I’ve been wanting a cranberry colored eye shadow soooo bad since winter and have yet to buy one. So I went for it and I love it! It’s described as a “true cranberry in a pearlized finish.” Ugh, so pretty. I can’t wait to wear this during the holiday season! Only because it’s going to look extra festive but trust me, I’ll be wearing this color whenever I want as soon as possible!

How’s the texture? So weird! I feel like one time when I’m not paying attention, I’m going to accidentally push my finger through it. But it’s really nice, I love how soft they are and love the mousse like texture. I’m hoping as long as I keep the lid on tight, they won’t dry out. My smudge pots from E.L.F did that and I was extremely disappointed so I’ll keep you updated on how these do.

Quality?  The packaging is very nice, sturdy and reliable. You know when you’re twisting the top of something and think you have it as tight as it will go but last second the lid loosens up again? Well that doesn’t happen with this packaging so I’m pretty optimistic that these shadows will stay fresh for a very long time. The pigmentation is nice, I did have to go back over my lid and pat on another layer of shadow but it’s a cream shadow so I wasn’t surprised. But the shadows stay on your lids all day long and don’t budge!

How do you apply them? I suggest applying these with your finger or a synthetic brush. I just patted the shadow on my lid with my finger and when I need to get into the inner corner or get to a missed spot, I grab the closest synthetic brush.

Dislikes? The only thing I didn’t like was the website. My pet peeve with makeup sites is when they don’t show you a swatch of the shadow. If you go onto ColourPops website, you’ll see that a handful of shadows have a nice swatch of that color and ones similar to it. But most of them just have a picture of the outside packaging which wasn’t super helpful. So if you find shadows you think you like, google swatches of them first!

Opinion? I love them! I think I’m going to place another order because I didn’t realize some of the shades were so beautiful until I ended up googling them afterwards. I’m probably going to buy two more metallic shades and maybe a matte if I’m feeling froggy. I know the site has a ton of other products but as I said before, not super into cream products. I was planning on buying one of their new ultra matte liquid lipsticks but one of the YouTubers I watched said they’re extremely matte, one of the most matte lipstick formulas she’s ever used. With my dry lips, I’m not sure it’s worth trying so maybe I’ll hold off on those for now (they’re sold out now anyway!).

Thank you for reading and for chatting with Jack! Leave your thoughts/comments below!

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  1. oh man, i love colourpop! I actually really love their matte lipsticks and I don’t find them particularly drying. I may even like them a tad more than the ABH ones.

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