NYX Tres Jolie Gel Pencil Liner Review!

nyx eyeliner

Hey everyone!

Today, I’m going to review the NYX Tres Jolie Gel Pencil Liner in Pitch Black!

I have always hated putting eyeliner on my waterline because I have the most watery eyes ever! So I never put liner there because I figure, what’s the point, it’ll disappear in ten minutes anyway.

So I’ve been on the hunt for an amazing waterproof eyeliner that will stay in my waterline for at least a couple hours.

A few months ago, Jaclyn Hill raved about the Ardency Inn eyeliner and said that it worked so well for her watery eyes and was super pigmented. The liner is $20 but hey, I’ve realized that I’m probably going to need to dish out the cash if I want my liner to stay put so I was going to buy it. But of course, I saw another video from YouTuber Amy Macedo who bought the liner for the same reason and said it didn’t last in her waterline at all. Ugh, the search continued.

Sometime later, Kathleen Lights said this NYX pencil liner was amazing and continually uses it in her videos, even to this day! So I bought it, I’ve got to start somewhere. Plus, it was a lot less expensive than the Ardency Inn one.

My thoughts? The hunt for the perfect waterline eyeliner continues BUT this product is pretty good. Let me explain.

Let’s start with the basics first:


  • Product Description: “Our high-powered twist-up gel liner has the same payoff and precision as a pot without having to use a brush. It comes with a sharpener to ensure precise application every time.” (straight from NYX website)
  • Packaging- The packaging is very cool and the price point is pretty affordable. (Buy it at Ulta and use their $3.50 off $10 coupon) It is a twist up liner, which I love (but let me tell you, it took me an embarrassingly long time before I figured that out). And then there’s a little sharpener at the bottom to make the tip nice and pointy.
  • Pigmentation- The liner super pigmented. It is very black and that same color transfers exactly onto the eyes as well which is great. The pencil applies sooooooooooo smoothly and is very creamy, it really is like a gel liner in pencil form.
  • Longevity? For me personally, it doesn’t completely last on my eyes at all. Like 10 minutes later and it’s already starting to wash away, even when I set it with a black eye shadow.

However! The reason why I don’t completely mind it and think it is the best thing I’ve tried so far is that when it does wash away, it only washes away on the outside corner of my bottom last line. From the middle of my eye towards my inner corner, the eye liner stays put, just loses pigmentation slightly throughout the day. I don’t mind this because I feel like when someone looks at me, the majority of my eyes still look dark and lined like they should be. But if they looked more closely, then they’d see my outer corners are basically bare. So basically what I’m saying is so far, this is the only liner I’ve tried that is not super noticeable when it washes off my eyes, even when it does.

So it isn’t my perfect waterproof black eye liner that I hope is out there, BUT it does a pretty good job. I bet people with less watery eyes than me would probably love this liner so I recommend you guys to give it a shot.

If anyone with really watery eyes has a good recommendation for a black liner, PLEASE let me know below. Drugstore, high end, whatever it takes to have one good water proof eye liner!

Thank you for reading and for chatting with Jack! Leave your thoughts/comments below!

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  1. Great post :d I’m just about to suggest you using liquid eyeliner if this one can’t meet your expectation, and I realized that you try to find the one that can be used on your waterliner 😛

  2. AHH my comment never went through! But I have the same problem! That’s why I don’t even bother with my bottom waterline because it is too damn watery! But that’s cool that you found this product I definitely want to try this now so thanks for posting! XO

  3. Bare Minerals Automatic eye liner is excellent. It doesn’t seem to smudge or come off like some eye do. I have tried a lot of brands, and this is my favorite so far!

  4. I’ve been meaning to try this eyeliner out! I also heard Kathleen rave about it ..gotta try it!! 😊 so.. I’ve heard great things about the Marc Jacobs eyeliners for the waterline ..their pricey but supposedly they last on the waterline! I’ve been meaning to pick it up its surely on my wishlist 🙂 at the moment I use macs pro longwear eye liner in the shade definedly black and lemme tell you it’s amazing! It honestly doesn’t smudge on me and I too have a wattery waterline lol. I hope it works out for you 🙂

  5. My only suggestion is nothing that’s a cream liner. But my favorite to use personally is Mac black track fluidline or nyx slide on glide on. One other recommendation is maybe try waterproof mascara on a liner brush

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