Tips for Healthy, Glowing Skin for Summer!

Hey everyone!

I am so sorry that I’ve been MIA for the past three weeks. I’ve been sooooo busy with my promotion at work that, if you want me to be honest, when I wasn’t at work, I was at home laying in bed doing absolutely nothing. And then this past weekend I was at the beach so I’ve just been super busy and stressed and I still will be from now on, just hopefully not as much. I will be moving my blog posting days from Friday to Saturday from now on, just to give me some extra time.

Anyway! This week I want to share my tips on how to get healthy, glowing skin for summer. I’ve been using some new products lately and I really think I’ve been looking more radiant lately, with and without makeup on.

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I have very dry skin and one thing I’ve always noticed really helps my skin stay clear, moisturized and radiant is very simple; drinking water. Seriously, it’s amazing how much dehydration can affect your skin. No matter how many skin products you use, I swear, if you’re not drinking enough water every day, nothing you use will matter. I can always tell that I’m not drinking enough water just by looking at my skin. I was just at the hairdresser and what I asked her for tips to help me grow my hair out, she said to keep it healthy and drink water!

blueberriesAnother way is just eating healthy. I mean we all notice a difference in our skin when we’re eating too much junk food. Apparently, there are a ton of superfoods that help make your skin healthy that I didn’t know about, which include blueberries, salmon, spinach, sweet potatoes, etc. If you’re interested in incorporating these superfoods into your daily meals, click here go to this link for some great healthy recipes that will help your skin remain healthy and glow!

One thing I’ve notisheaced with my face over the past few months is that when my face does breakout, it took a lot longer for the dark spots to disappear. I decided to purchase Shea Moisture Coconut & Hisbiscus Spot Corrective Moisturizer to see if it would aid the dark spots in disappearing and I have to say, so far I’m loving it! I put this on every night before I go to bed and I’ve definitely noticed a difference since I started using it! I’m adding this product to my list because there are a lot times in the summer where it’s too hot or I just don’t feel like wearing makeup. When those days do come, I want my complexion to be as even as possible so it isn’t completely obvious I’m not wearing foundation or that I’m only using a BB cream.


I’ve started using new products to wash my face and I swear my skin is so much healthier when I started using them. I use the Dermalogica Dry Skin Kit. It comes with five products; a cleansing gel, a multi-active toner, a smoothing cream, an exfoliant and an eye repair cream. I definitely suggest trying these out. They have kits for dry, normal and oily skin and they’re only $24 on Amazon. It’s a genius way to try out products and see if you love them for a good price before spending a lot of money on something that doesn’t work. If you do love them, then you can go out and buy the full size versions of the ones you think you need. Plus, the travel set lasts me a long time. I bought this in two months ago and I still have a decent amount left.

illum cream

The last thing I want to mention is a recent purchase, the Gerard Cosmetics Illumination Creme. I love this product because it makes my face look so dewy. You can place it directly on your face before foundation or mix it in with your foundation and it instantly gives you a beautiful glow, it’s amazing. You can also use this as a cream highlighter as well, it’s that gorgeous.

There are so many products that will help  you get that perfect healthy, glowing skin but I didn’t want to make this into a novel. Basically, if you eat healthy, drink water and use great skin care products, you’ll be set!

Thank you for reading and for chatting with Jack! Leave your thoughts/comments below!

I’m going to start posting every Saturday now! Please follow my blog, instagram and twitter if you haven’t already!

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  1. Congratulations for your promotion! Also I totally agree with the water thing, I’ve recently started drinking 2l of water again and the difference in my skin is unbelievable xoxo

    1. Oh I know exactly how you feel. I’m terrible at drinking water, I don’t know why I’ve just always been like that. It’s a struggle but finding out it was the reason my skin wasn’t doing so well is a great motivator!

      1. I’ve bought a water bottle with marked lines to show how many ounces of water I drink. It really helped me while I was in school. But since I’ve been on vacation, I’ve been slacking off. Maybe that will help you too!

  2. wow. I dint know that caffeine make the skin dry. am a caffeine junky and even after cleansing and all that routine I still have ugly dry skin. thank you for the info. I rarely take water but its me on a new mission thanks to you.

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