NYX Sculpt & Highlight Face Duo Review

Hey everyone!

I went to Ulta two weeks ago and I saw a huge NYX display featuring a ton of their new products for 2016.

For the past couple months I have been using The Balm Cosmetics “Bahama Mama” bronzer to contour and I wasn’t happy with the results. I felt like the color was making my face look muddy, it wasn’t super pigmented, it wasn’t buildable and it was applying pretty blotchy on my skin. I have dry skin so I wasn’t sure if I needed to use a high end product to get my desired look or if I should try cream contouring instead. For Christmas, I got the Lorac Pro Contour Palette which I absolutely love and I’ll do a separate review on it. But when I saw that this NYX display had a quick and easy liquid contour stick I could try, I was curious.

So out of their line of contour products, I ended up purchasing the “NYX Sculpt & Highlight Face Duo” in Cinnamon/Peach. According to the website, these Face Duo’s come in six different shades, they retail for $12 and their “liquid formula has buildable coverage and will blend seamlessly for a flawless contour”.

My thoughts? To my surprise, I love it! I’m surprised because I had no hope for this product. Not because it was NYX or anything like that, just because I had it in my head that this would never work for me. I figured it would be too difficult or maybe I’d be terrible at it. So I was pleasantly surprised at how I felt after the first time I used this product, and how I’ve felt ever since!


  • Packaging- The packaging is very simple, sleek and skinny. They make it very visually clear which side is for sculpting/contouring and which side is for highlighting. The product is applied using a doe foot applicator, which makes for a perfect line when contouring.


  • Highlighting Shade- Unfortunately, the highlighting shade is a little too dark and leans more on the peachy side for me to use as a highlight. It’s actually darker than my concealer so I don’t really use it honestly. I hope next time I’m in Ulta, all of their shades will be displayed so I can make sure I shouldn’t go with a lighter face duo but I’ll have to deal with this for now. So overall, not too crazy about the highlight shade but it is only due to the color mismatch.
  • Sculpting/Contouring Shade-
    • At first I was nervous applying this shade to my face because it is a lot darker than my complexion. But this formula blends out like an absolute dream! I couldn’t believe how easily it blended away while still leaving a subtle contour behind. The product is also buildable in case you blend too much or want more of a chiseled look! I apply the contour underneath my cheek bones and around my forehead to balance everything out.
    • This contour shade lies a little more on the warm side rather than the cool side. For me personally, I’ve realized that going for a super cool toned contour shade just isn’t for me. It just really makes my face look muddy. So I love the bit of warmth this contour shade exhibits, it looks so much more natural on my warm skin tone. However, when I am looking to tone down the warmth a bit, I set it with a little bit of a cool toned contour shade from my Lorac Contour Palette and not only does it cool down the color, it also makes my cream contour stay in place.
  • What do I use to blend it out? The E.L.F Stippling Brush! ($3)

Overall, I really do like this product and definitely suggest it, especially if you’re a beginner and want to give liquid contour a try or if you have dry skin. The highlight shade of this product was a little darker than I wanted but the contour is my perfect shade. If you have a cool undertone and want a cool contour shade, I’d just suggest going to Ulta and just checking out the other color options they have.

Thank you for reading and for chatting with Jack! Leave your thoughts/comments below!

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I love Nyx products as well! I would be concerned about the color matching and also how it would look overtime — i have normal skin and I hate products that make my face look oily as the day goes on.

    1. Right, I have dry skin and have had no issues with this product and its longevity but I’m not sure about other skin types :/ I think setting it with a powder would definitely help to make it last all day and make it wear nicely through out the day.

  2. I definitely need to check this out! I’ve been wanting to up my contour game, but I never know what products may unintentionally dry my skin out, so I’m going to need to give this a chance!

  3. Hi lovely 🙂 I think you’d also really like the NYX Wonder Stick! It’s a similar dual ended contour and highlight product. It’s a cream formula and it blends really well. You may find the highlight shade in this product a little more flattering!

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