MAC Cosmetics Haul & Review!

Hey guys!

My new year’s resolution for this year is to get back to blogging! I can’t believe I slipped so much last year, I apologize for that. But the good news is that I’ve gotten so much makeup over the past year that I am over flooding with ideas for posts!

I’m going to start off the year with a MAC Cosmetics haul. Now up until the past few months, I barely owed anything from MAC. I have a few things that I’ve bought from The Cosmetics Company Outlet, which is an outlet store that sells high end makeup for a cheaper price, but that’s it. I actually tried going into their store several months ago to purchase something but left after I was completely ignored.

My boyfriend and I went to New York City to celebrate our 8 year anniversary in December. I’ve heard of many beauty YouTubers that say when they go somewhere special, they will buy a perfume or a makeup item as a way to always remember that trip. I decided that I wanted to do the same for the first time that trip, which is ironic since my boyfriend ending up proposing to me later that night! I’m engaged!

When I went to MAC in Times Square, I bought the following items:

  • Matte Lipstick in Sin for $18
    • I bought this because I have always wanted a dark vampy lipstick from MAC and although I was overwhelmed with all of the color selections they had out, this one was by far my favorite. I also thought the name “Sin” was fitting considering we were in NYC. I love the color but I definitely recommend wearing a lip liner with it, otherwise it looks patchy on the lips.


  • Star Trek Powder for $22
    • I found this gem on their clearance shelf, it was originally $32 and part of their Star Trek line. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first saw this powder with all the deep maroon. But I was pleasantly surprised to see that it swatched as a light rosy golden shade, which I absolutely loved! I’m not 100% sure what the purpose of this powder is, but I use it as a highlight or a blush and it works really well with my skin tone.


A few weeks ago I received an email from MAC stating they had select makeup 40% off. I always check out these emails to see if there is anything I love but I normally end up not buying anything. But this time, I fell in love with a blush and its packaging that I just had to buy it. I figured since I was placing an order, I might as well purchase two additional products that I have been wanting since I got into makeup but never purchases it or received it. I placed an order and bought the following items:

  • Powder Blush/Vibe Tribe in Modern Mandarin for $14.40
    • I mean this packaging though, I fell in love with the Aztec print and the colors they used. They had the blush in a few different colors but I didn’t have anything like Modern Mandarin, I can’t wait to wear it this Spring/Summer. I couldn’t believe it was on sale for $14.40, considering the MAC blushes I’ve bought from The Cosmetic Company Outlet go for $18 and that is the discounted price.


  • Prep + Prime Fix + for $23
    • I know this hasn’t been talked about as much on YouTube recently but I swear this was the only setting/multi use spray YouTubers talked about for a year straight. You can spray this on your face before foundation or after your makeup to set your makeup and to keep it nice and dewy. You can also use this spray to make any eye shadow more intense on your eyes. I’ve used this product both ways and I am not disappointed. I think $23 is a very good price for a product that I can use several different ways.


  • Longwear Paint Pot in Soft Ochre for $22
    • This was another item I’ve heard people rave about for the past two years. I have darkness on the inner corners of my eyes, on the bridge of my nose, and it has always driven me crazy. And I also have veins on my brow bone. I could never cover those areas with normal eye shadow base but heard that these paint pots are nice and smooth and provide full coverage. The pots are pretty big so I imagine this should last me a while. I’ve been using my concealer to base my eyes but it is expensive and I feel like I go through them much faster than when I don’t. I’ve been using this product almost every day since I bought it and absolutely love it. It covers any veins/discoloration and covers the darkness on the bridge of my nose/inner corners of my eyes. Definitely worth the hype!


  • Strobe Cream Sample (free with purchase)
    • I decided to get their strobe cream as my sample just to try it out. It was either that or mini mascaras and the last time I got once of their mascaras as a sample, I wasn’t impressed. Per the website, the strobe creams are “moisturizers that boosts the look of dull skin and luminizes with iridescent particles”. Can I just say that I hate the explanations MAC provides for all of their products? They’re always so vague. I’m not 100% sure what you should be using this product for, but I’ve been using it to highlight the high points of my face before I apply foundation to provide a “glow from within” kind of look. I absolutely love this product and might consider getting the full size one day (full size price is $33). It just makes my face look naturally dewy and it’s beautiful, I love it.


That’s it everyone! I’ll be back to posting every Saturday starting next week so please follow my blog, instagram and twitter if you haven’t already! I have so much makeup to talk about that I’ve rec’d over the past 6 months, I cannot wait to post. If you guys have any amazing MAC product suggestions, please leave a comment below! Thanks for chatting with Jack!

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