Stila Enchanted Eyes Liquid Eye Shadow Set Review!


I was brainstorming on what my first blog post would be after my site re-vamp and decided I had to share a newly discovered favorite product with my followers!

This year, I have been really into a glittery eye lid with a nude lip and glowy skin. It was my go-to quick makeup look at first, but it morphed into a look I liked to wear all the time. I started off using a lot of Colourpop Super Shock shadows, which I love and will be doing a post on soon about some of my favorites. But I kept seeing Stila post images on instagram of girls with these ridiculous glittery lids. I started seeing beauty Youtubers I love post videos using Stila’s glitter liquid eye shadow too and decided I wanted to try them.

I decided it would be best to start off with a set because the full size liquid eye shadows are $24 each. At least with the set, I can try six different kinds of shades before committing to purchasing one full size version for just a little less than what I would’ve paid for the set. I purchased the Stila Enchanted Eyes Liquid Eye Shadow Set from Amazon for $31.50. Per the Stila website, the set retails at $45 but you can actually purchase it for $29 at the moment. The set comes with six liquid eye shadows in two different finishes, each bottle contains .07 fl. Oz. Here is the breakdown from Stila’s website:

Formula 1- High Shimmer Sheen

  • Kitten (vibrant nude pink)
  • Jezebel (rose gold)
  • Pigalle (cool cranberry)

Formula 2- Ultra-Sparkle Finish

  • Diamond Dust (sheer silver with multi-color sparkle)
  • Smoky Storm (light pewter with silver sparkle)
  • Plum On (plum with plum and silver sparkle)
Plum On, Diamond Dust, Smoky Storm, Jezebel, Pigalle & Kitten

Packaging- The packaging is so sleek, sturdy & beautiful! I like that they differentiate the formulas by making the sheen shadows in the rose gold packaging while the ultra glitter shadows are gold. The applicator isn’t a thin, flimsy brush which I like. The thicker wand makes it easy to cover your lid quickly which is important for these shadows, I’ll explain more below!

How I apply this product- When I first started using the Sheen Shadows, I would apply it directly to the lid using the applicator and then would use a brush to blend out the crease to prevent any harsh lines. Honestly, my first impression of these weren’t great and I was a little heart broken since I was so excited about them. These shadows dry really fast and once it is set, it is there forever. They are great for longevity but the quick drying time didn’t help the shadow from appearing patchy. I felt like the applicator is great to cover your lid in a few big swipes and when applied evenly/perfectly, it was perfect. But sometimes they wouldn’t apply evenly across the lid leaving some spots less covered than others. Fixing those patchy spots while the product underneath was still wet wasn’t ideal, the applicator would remove the wet layer underneath instead of building up the coverage. My best bet was to wait until the product underneath dried first, before attempting to adjust the coverage. The best way would be to re-apply in small sections using light pressure; if I pressed too hard and made big swiping motions the patchy-ness would get worse.

It was definitely easier applying the glitter shadows, I usually applied those over a dry eye shadow that I’ve already laid down as a base or over nothing at all. I’ve also applied it over the sheen shadows as well, as long as they are dry it works well! If not, the liquids mix together and I feel like the glitter applicator starts picking up the sheen shadow and makes the eye look patchy. A little bit goes a long way with these and they’re absolutely beautiful on the eye. This is probably the most perfect glitter top coat to exist in my opinion!

Pigmentation & Longevity- I have to admit that applying this product isn’t the easiest, but it is 100% worth the beginning struggle. Once these shadows are on your eyes, they’re there all day. This is why applying them can be kind of tricky but it is so worth it to me to know that my shadow won’t budge or lose any intensity as I work my 8 hour+ day. Once you’ve used the product a few times and become familiar with them, application gets easier and easier. These shadows are sooooo intense and pigmented, they look exactly the same on the eyes as they do when swatched on the hand. I never get fallout front the glitter shadows either.

Overall Opinion- It is months later after I initially drafted this blog for posting and my thoughts on these products have changed! I bought the Morphe Brushes M421 Mini Concealer Brush recently and I decided to use it to apply both the Sheen and Glitter shadows to my eye instead of relying on the application. This brush has changed my Stila game! Using a brush to apply the shadows instead of relying on the applicator is the way to go. The brush eliminated the majority of my patchy problems and when I do have to apply more coverage, the brush is much better at it than the applicator. Before the brush, I knew that I could never use the Sheen Shadows before work unless I gave myself extra time in case the shadow became patchy. But now with the brush, I have no fear of that anymore at all!

Because of the brush, I LOVE these Stila eyeshadows! So much so that I’ve already purchased a few full sized Stila liquid eye shadows since my initial drafting of this blog! The glitter shadows are absolutely stunning and really provide that intense glitter eye shadow topper I was looking for. I love placing them over an eye shadow base to finish my eye look and making them pop. I get compliments all the time whenever I wear these on my eyes, they look SO GOOD! I love one stop shadows that I can just apply on my lid and call it a day, and these are that! Apply this product with a brush and not the applicator and it is perfection! I absolutely recommend this product and I can’t wait to purchase more!

Thank you for reading my review! If you’ve used this product before, please comment below and tell me what you think! I’m looking forward to being back, to doing something that I loved doing so long, and I can’t wait to start posting once a week again! Cya next week! ~Makeup Michelle

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