Fenty Beauty Cream Bronzer Review!

Hey everyone!

Are you like me and have stayed away from using cream products at all costs? Before this year, all I used was powders. Even when I started loving the dewy trend, I still would set my makeup with shiny powders like the Hourglass Ambient Lighing Powder. I always thought cream products were messy, not blendable and hard to work with. But it seemed liked every makeup brand since 2019 started coming out with creamy products which sparked a ton of YouTube tutorial video’s that I couldn’t escape. After watching a lot of videos, I started to become curious. Something I loved about these cream product looks was how natural the skin looked. I knew that those looks would be perfect for Spring/Summer so I decided during the last Sephora sale to purchase a few cream products! I’ll do reviews on the blushes soon but today, I’ll be focusing on the Fenty Beauty Cream Bronzer’s.

Details– I purchased two shades of the Cream Bronzer’s: 03 Macchiato and 05 Teddy. There are 7 shades total and some are warm but they have a few cool shades. The shade range is great, seems like there is a shade available for all skin tones. They are $32 each and contain .22 oz of product each. Fenty describes the product as a “light-as-air, non-greasy cream bronzer that effortlessly melts into skin for a natural-looking bronze or soft contour.” Fenty states the bronzer “delivers a natural-looking bronze in a range of sheer, buildable shades designed for all.” Fenty alleges their bronzer’s are easy to blend, impossible to overdo and are sweat/water resistant! I want to add that Fenty recommends their Fenty Beauty Face Shaping Brush with the product but I did not purchase it.

Packaging– The packaging is gorgeous. I love the shape of the compacts, they remind me of honeycombs. I love that they are rose gold and love the giant mirror on the inside. I do think they are a little bulky but I don’t mind at all, it feels luxurious and makes the $32 price point make sense.

Product Application– As I mentioned above, Fenty did design a face brush to be used with this product. I didn’t want to spend another $34 so I ended up using a brush I already have. However, recently I purchased an Elf brush recommended by Youtuber Samantha Ravndahl and it is amazing! I highly recommend! It is the ELF Cosmetics Beautifully Precise Airbrush Stipple and I purchased mine from Ulta Online for $10. I use this brush to apply and blend the cream bronzer’s on my skin and it’s amazing. It’s small and dense enough to place the product where I want it and then I can use the brush to blend it out seamlessly and it’s amazing. Before I purchased this brush recently, I was using the ELF Cosmetics Ultimate Blending Brush for a while and that worked perfectly fine as well. Regardless of which tool I use, the product just blends beautifully on the skin which is all I can ask for.

Pigmentation & Longevity– Fenty claims the bronzer is sheer but buildable and I have to say, I completely agree! You can apply these bronzer’s with such a light hand if you’d like but you can easily build them up too if you wish. Even when I’ve accidentally dabbed too much product on my face which comes off very pigmented and scary, I can still blend it away easily. I don’t feel like I need a lot of product to achieve my bronzed goal either, which is great considering this product is a tad pricey.

Fenty also claims their bronzer’s easy to blend, impossible to overdue and are sweat/water resistant. Again, I 100% agree. I was extremely impressed with how easily the bronzer’s blend. I was worried they’d get patchy like I’ve seen happen to other products but nope, they’ve blended perfectly every time I’ve used them. I’ve even accidentally powdered my face before applying the cream bronzer and they STILL blend out just fine with zero patchiness at all. I can attest that the bronzer’s are sweat resistant. It has been a very hot July and these bronzer’s have lasted on my skin for the entire day. I haven’t even set the cream with powder yet and it still lasts all day. I do admit I’m not sure if the bronzer’s are water resistant as I don’t wear them in the pool/ocean but I wouldn’t doubt it!

Conclusion – I love these bronzer’s! They are pigmented, they blend like a dream and are so smooth. I love the finish of them, my skin looks so fresh and youthful. They are a little dewey but nothing crazy, I personally don’t feel the need to set the bronzer and I have combo leaning more towards dry skin at the moment. They last forever on my skin and they are so easy to apply. You can go for a light, no makeup look using a light hand or you can get bronzed/contoured real quick using a bit more product by building up! I love that I can achieve any look I want with one product, no matter how light or glam I want to go! This product has dissipated any fear I had of cream products completely and I’m looking forward to trying more! I know $32 can be a lot of money but I definitely think it is worth it. If you’ve tried these or want to recommend any drugstore/high end cream bronzer’s for me to try, please comment below! I’ll be back soon with a few review’s on some new cream blushes I’ve been trying! Thank you for reading, can’t wait to chat soon! Please follow my blog and social media!

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  1. glad it worked really great for you. i almost bought it but went with a lippie and a palette instead LOL i have too many bronzers at the moment but I will be purchasing a blush or bronzer from them in the future

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